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Champ Fungi was established in 2003. The initial business activity was button mushroom farming. Today the Champ Fungi group of companies are diversified into the cultivation, packing and distribution of fresh produce throughout South East Asia.

Our Mission:

We strive to produce, pack and market our products in an honest way which is pesticide free and with a low carbon footprint by cultivating fresh produce locally and close to the customer.

Our Practices:

  • To continue improving our processes and quality by implementing latest technology and best practices, such as HACCP, Halal and GAP.
  • To adopt food safety, food security and traceability in our food-chain
    management including regular pesticide and pathogen testing.
  • Offer value for money
  • Regular training & farm audits with partner-growers or contract growers
  • Regular and voluntary testing of products to ensure they are safe from harmful chemical, pathogens and pesticide
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